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What Is Fluenzy Doing?​

Fluenzy is building The Shuk, the most comprehensive and exhaustive online marketplace dedicated exclusively to increasing proficiency in hybrid work.


Why Is Fluenzy Focusing On Hybrid Work?

Because hybrid work isn’t going anywhere. Most major thought leaders believe that hybrid work will become more common, not less. According to a Cisco report, 95% of all future meetings will occur in a hybrid environment, and the World Economic Forum predicts that 54% of current employees are going to require some kind of reskilling and upskilling by 2022.

 Hybrid Work Definition:
Any combination of employees who are working together, often during flexible work hours, and from different locations (office, café, home, different country, etc…).

What Is ‘The Shuk’

The Shuk is an online marketplace that includes a Machine Learning algorithm to provide individualized offerings based on each user’s unique remote work profile including:

Online training courses for both hard and soft skills.

Top-tiered global consultants.

Technology solutions that have been shown to benefit hybrid work.

Best practices for creating your home office.

What Acquisition Experience Do Fluenzy Executives Have?

Fluenzy’s Chairman, CRO, and CEO were part of the Broadsoft team that led to a $1.9 billion acquisition by Cisco. Through its relationship with Cisco, Fluenzy has access to 30+ million global enterprise users from the Broadworks (now Cisco) network and is leveraging this to engage and acquire customers for its marketplace at extremely low costs

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