Israeli Service Provider ITC Israel Internet Invests in Fluenzy


Jerusalem, December 22, 2021 – Fluenzy, whose mission is to enable enterprises around the world to meet the challenges of hybrid work, announced that it has received an investment from the venture arm of ITC Israel Internet, one of Israel’s leading service providers for enterprise customers.

The COVID-19 pandemic caused a significant acceleration of the move to hybrid, at-home work environments. According to the World Economic Forum, more than 50% of the global workforce will require reskilling and training to meet the unique challenges of this new work reality. Global tech giants such as Google and Apple are facing major challenges as much of their workforces are moving to a hybrid work model.

Fluenzy is developing a marketplace that will support companies in operating and thriving in this new work model. It plans to include a global network of experts who will offer a wide range of courses and consulting services, as well as a range of third-party solutions to meet the entire range of challenges faced by the individual employee, the team and the company.

“We are excited about the Fluenzy approach to meeting the challenges of the hybrid reality,” commented Avshalom Aharoni, CEO and CTO of ITC. “As a service provider, we are well-aware of the challenges facing our enterprise customers in running their hybrid offices. While we are able to supply them with the technological tools to operate remotely, we realized that they lack the new set of people skills that are required to succeed in this environment. Based on our experience, we believe that Fluenzy has the right solution to allow us to assist our customers meet the Future of Work challenges.”

Jeff Kahn, Fluenzy’s Founder and CEO, said, “It is significant for the company that ITC, with realworld awareness of the market challenges, has validated our vision by investing in our team and seeking to offer its subscribers the access to the marketplace under development.

“Fluenzy, through its unique relationship with major global technology providers and other technology providers, is on track to gain significant exposure to potential enterprise customers worldwide. We believe that this, coupled with our deep understanding of the challenges facing the enterprise today and our experienced management team, positions the company for future success,” he concluded.

About Fluenzy

Fluenzy is a future-of-work company developing a comprehensive enterprise-focused online marketplace, which will support the adoption and implementation of hybrid work for both the enterprise and employees. The marketplace will offer a range courses, global consultants and technology products to support the hybrid office. Using an online hybrid work assessment tool along with a machine learning curation engine, the marketplace will recognize specific hybrid work personality styles and will suggest a tailored learning and consulting journey for individuals, teams, or an enterprise as a whole. The company is led by former members of BroadSoft’s executive team, including founder and CEO Jeff Kahn, Chairman Mike Tessler and Chief Revenue Officer Craig Decker.

About ITC

ITC maintains a significant place in the Israeli communications, due to international cooperation agreements it has signed in the past 5 years. The company deploys and maintains an extensive infrastructure to support Internet services, communications and network security tailored to the needs of the enterprise. Using advanced technologies and competitive pricing, ITC provides unified provider and infrastructure solutions for maximum convenience, complete communication systems for large entities and businesses, Internet products and security for the private sector

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